BTown Fundraiser Box

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Supporting local business one Box at a time

From the beginning, we set out to spotlight the great local businesses that make Bloomington so special. We knew it might be impossible to fully capture the essence of this special town, but we gave it our best shot. And we couldn’t have done that with the support of these local businesses.

Now it’s our turn to do something in return, and you can help!

We’ve launched our BTown Fundraiser Box and it’s now ready for pre-order! All proceeds from this Box will go to directly support BTown businesses.

While plans have a tendency to change right now, we’re aiming to have all orders ready to ship by the beginning of May.

Each Box contains:

  • (2) Nick's Cups
  • (2) Stoneware Coasters
  • (1) Bag of PopKorn with a Twist
  • (1) Hopscotch Coffee
  • (1) Bakehouse Granola
  • (1) LuckyGuy Iconic Brownie
  • (1) Bar of Soap from The Mad Optimist
  • (1) T-shirt—Our Choice!
  • Additional surprises!