BTown Indiana Box Deluxe

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If you love BTown, chances are you love Indiana University too. And who could blame you? This beautiful campus has been at the heart of Bloomington for so many since almost the beginning of BTown. We're proud to help you celebrate your love of Cream & Crimson with this exclusively-curated collection of IU goodies.

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Inside each locally hand-wrapped and packaged box, you'll find:

(2) Nick's Pints
(2) Stoneware Bike Wheel Coasters
(1) Bag of Crimson Drizzled Popcorn from PopKorn: Kernels with a Twist
(1) Color Your Campus: Indiana University
(1) Beautiful by Design: The Indiana University Campus DVD
(1) 8x10 Assembly Hall Poster Print
(1) Pair of Crimson Striped Socks
(1) YOUR CHOICE: Men's IU Shirt or Women's My Heart's in Bloomington shirt